21 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

Support Nature with Pdf2Jpg.net

When you convert PDF to JPG, Nature suffers no harm because you keep your document in the numeric, paper free world. With Pdf2Jpg.net, you go one step further by actually helping Nature. Each converted PDF counts for 1/5,000 of a tree.

How useful is that? I think this is really important. Acting for the environment is often a matter of small achievements. Turning off lights, sorting waste, using public transports... Not a revolution, but a calm, steady evolution toward a more responsible behavior and a sustainable resource consumption. With this program, I hope to make the small contribution corresponding to the small act of converting a PDF to JPG. The first month the program was launched, 118 trees were sponsored. Good start.

Learn how to convert PDF to JPG for free with http://Pdf2Jpg.net. This online service let you convert PDF to JPG in a few clicks.